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New Website!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Hello, everyone, and welcome! If you're reading this in the future, this article marks the first days of Andrew's Abode, Andrew's home on the web. If you're reading this now, then stay tuned! A lot will change in this website in the first few days. For example, I plan to make the aztec calendar in the Prophecies index to spin based on the date of the article you select! I will also soon begin work on the "Cave Paintings" page. This page will be the largest --and most creative-- page on the site, as it will be where I showcase all my other creative works, including Doom levels, MSPaint drawings, memes, and even a few videos! Also planned is a "GIF of the week", where I place and gif on the main index page and change it every week. Visitors would send gifs to me and whoever has the best one will end up on the frontpage!

You may have some questions about this site. Why am I making it manually? Why are the pages so unorthodox? I will answer these questions and more in the FAQ section of the soon-to-be-created Who? page, where I will explain myself, my site, and anything else you ask in the Footprints section.